Reports and Papers

This section of the website contains reports, articles and papers related to the projects in which the Beothuk Institute is involved. It also contains archived newsletters (to 2009) for the Beothuk Institute.


The majority of the projects that we support involve research and are labour and time intensive, sometimes taking several years to produce results. Examples include the DNA project and archaeology digs.


Project List

In addition to its function as a lobbist for Beothuk research, the Beothuk Institute contributes both in-kind and financially to projects relative to its overall mission. Projects include:

  • DNA Research led by Memorial University and McMaster University
  • Reproductions of 11 pieces of artwork by Gerry Squires (products sold by Beothuk Institute)
  • "Spirit of the Beothuk", bronze statue by Gerry Squires (Beothuk Interpretation Centre, Boyd's Cove)
  • Commemoration Project, Burnside Heritage Foundation
  • Archaeology Digs (led by the Provincial Archaeology Office, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador):
    • Exploits River (various from Red Indian Lake to Norris Arm)
    • The Beaches, Bonavista Bay
    • Bloody Bay Cove Quarry, Bonavista Bay


The Beothuk Institute depends on the generous donations of people who are interested in the Beothuk people and their history. All proceeds go toward the work of the Institute and special projects that contribute to the advancement of our mission.

We are a registered charitable organization under the laws of Newfoundland and Labrador. Donations are tax deductible.