Structure and Board

The Beothuk Institute is a provincially incorporated body governed by a Constitution and By-Laws which were promulgated in February 2000.  Click here to download a copy of the By-Laws.

As a charitable organization recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency, all donations made t0 the Beothuk Institute are tax deductible.

Board 2018-2019


Chair – Pete Barrett
Vice Chair – Desmond Canning
Secretary – Thomas Kendall
Treasurer – Rita Higgins

Member At Large

Simon Dawson
Laurie McLean


Valisha Keough
Winston Sharpe
Kellie Kerpan
Nellie Power
Starlynn Shears-Osmond

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Annual Membership Fee - $15.00 per person

Volunteers and Supporters

The Beothuk Institute is strictly a volunteer organization which depends on its members and others interested in our overall mission. Here are some of the people either directly involved or who are in support of the work we do. (Please note, our photo gallery is a work in progress. We will continue to add to it as photographs become available).