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This is a very important piece of Newfoundland history. I hope we can find the financial resources needed to preserve and document these sites before all is destroyed by erosion.

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Fifty seven archaeological sites have been identified along the Exploits River and Red Indian Lake, Newfoundland. Many of these containing Beothuk settlements were first reported in eighteenth-century and nineteenth-century historic documents. Archaeologists subsequently identified many of these Beothuk sites, along with others not historically mentioned and older First Nations material. Newfoundland and Labrador’s Provincial Archaeology Office (PAO) recently initiated a program of re-visiting these localities to assess their condition some 50 years after most had been formally identified. PAO archaeologists and archaeological consultants hired by the PAO concluded that although the Exploits Valley archaeological record has suffered significant losses attributable to erosion and historic development, the region’s surviving archaeological localities contain a variety of Beothuk housepit styles, along with storage facilities, external hearths and other features. In addition, Exploits Valley archaeological sites contain more precontact material than had previously been considered (see below).

Archaeologic Resources Threatened in the Exploits Valley

The region holds much potential for archaeological research, but unfortunately, its archaeological resources are still threatened by erosion and development pressure. There is an immediate need to incorporate conservation with research in the Exploits Valley. Salvage excavations, which consist of digging the most threatened localities, is one approach to constructively managing these resources.

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Your Support is Needed – Go Fund Me Campaign



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